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Choice Novels as Homework

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Classroom Libraries

The classroom library titles were chosen to give students a range of novels from which to select reading that interests them. There is a range of non-fiction, fiction, poetry, graphic novels, suspense, science fiction, etc. There are five copies per classroom of each title. That means these books should not be taught in whole class instruction. They are perfect for use as literature circles and choice reading.

This list shows the latest novels purchased by the Humanities Dept. As always, teachers may choose other novels to teach. Aside from this list, any novel can be taught in any grade level, but must have a specific purpose for being taught. For instance, To Kill A Mockingbird could be taught in 9th grade for diction and setting, and again in 11th grade for American historical context. Teaching excerpts in class and having students read most of the book on their own is a wonderful strategy for teaching deeper reading and text analysis skills.

Building Instructional Materials from Home Base

Lesson plans for use with common short stories:
Short Story Lesson Plans

Recommended Reading for High School Choice Novels
NPR Recommended Novels