Worthy Websites

There are quality resources online for teachers interested in learning more about their craft.
Check out some of our favorites.

A favorite clearinghouse of programs that spark thinking and creative questioning.
Make your own wordle for your class. Check out the related site to see possibilities for the classroom.
A great website that has the latest research from the Department of Education on literacy for adolescent students. There are many great resources for classroom teachers.
Showcase of Best Practices. Extensive website that includes assessment and rubrics. You must explore this one!

The state website for education. Access testing information, Standard Courses of Study, assessment results, etc.
Extensive collection of resources for all grades and content areas.
These are good websites to help teachers create rubrics. They are free and printable.
This site has tools to use for differentiating instruction, such as Multiple Intelligence tests, resources and more.

This site has great videos of lessons and other resources for the BIG 5 EOCs and more

Rigor and Relevance Framework, and much more.